Yoga Marketing from The Mat 

Summer 2022

Experience the transformative power of our 2022 live recorded series, now available for replay. In the dynamic realm of the Transformation Economy, we all play a role in marketing, sales, and leadership. We are all broadcasters, and our energy resonates with a frequency that impacts the world, online and offline. Each class begins and ends with a brief discussion on the theme of marketing from within and its influence on our culture. This practice reminds us that true change starts from within and highlights the tremendous power of our intentions, both on and off the mat.

What Our Heros Say

Our Catalogue

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The WeShip

Learn to read the signs & guideposts on your life’s journey

The Real Wealth Transfer

Redefining “wealth” from money & possessions, to intrinsic value & love.

The Big Pivot

In constant change, knowing how to pivot effortlessly is a must-have.