When you unlock your inner genius, you uncover the hidden beliefs and unconscious thoughts that you didn’t know were getting in your way, creating the results that frustrate you.   

The Art of the Pivot One Day Intensive is designed specifically to help you unlock your inner genius, uncover your authentic story and uplevel your results.

From the sanctuary of Flow Country Studio, we take you on a journey to reconnect with the authentic core of who and why you are, help you discover ways of being and working that are natural for you, so you can create your ideal vision of success with more joy and less effort. 

  • Reframe your experiences and current reality so you can see how what you thought were barriers and challenges, were actually opportunities and sign posts 
  • Remember the burning passion that got you into what you’re doing, how that feeds who you authentically are and the bigger why that fuels all aspects of your life
  • Release the hidden beliefs and unconscious thoughts that are getting in your way, enabling you to make new, more expansive choices to drive new, more expansive results 
  • Re-engage with your authentic story so you naturally and effortlessly attract the people and opportunities you need to grow and thrive 
  • Walk away with a new perspective and clarity, new aligned ways of doing and being in the world and the confidence and inspiration you need to sustain your new trajectory

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