The Big Game

November 23, 2019

Join us at Flow Studios as we embark on an innovative journey with our documentary/MarkeTelling series we are calling 'The Big Game'. Today in our business meeting, we intended to map out a traditional storyboard for our series, showcasing our unique MarkeTelling methodology and how Toronto is reshaping business through the mechanics of flow. However, as we began recording, we realized that to truly embrace and demonstrate the mechanics of flow, we couldn't just plan it—we had to live it. The process of making this video became a live demonstration of our MarkeTelling concept, proving that sometimes, the best way to capture a story is to let it unfold naturally. What was meant to be a planning session at our country studio became the first chapter of our story, organically setting the stage for all subsequent videos. Dive into the fluidity of transformation with us and experience the unfolding of Toronto's new business paradigm.  

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