Flow Responders

Inception: July 2019

"To flow - or fit in, that is the question!"

At the heart of Flow Network's inception was a revolutionary series documenting the evolution of our bottom-up, grassroots business and movement. We believed that the world of business needed an overhaul—one where creativity, imagination, and intuition thrive over rigid conformity.


In this series, we explored how:


  • Education, driven by business, stifled creativity.
  • Science, under business's influence, suppressed imagination and intuition.
  • Finance, dictated by business norms, marginalized women.

Through force, many aspects of life tried to kill our natural tendency to flow. Yet, our capacity to be creative, imagine, and realize a new world remained undeterred. We sought to empower individuals to realize their personal power and embrace their true selves.

We invited our audience to wake up, show up, and light up their superpowers!

The series ran for two impactful seasons before evolving into other dynamic series such as "The Big Play," "The Big Game," and "The Real Wealth Transfer." 

Join us in revisiting the origins of a movement that championed authentic living and transformative change in next-gen leadership in communities and businesses  

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The WeShip

Learn to read the signs & guideposts on your life’s journey

The Real Wealth Transfer

Redefining “wealth” from money & possessions, to intrinsic value & love.

The Big Pivot

In constant change, knowing how to pivot effortlessly is a must-have.