The Mechanics of Being

May 7, 2021

Explore our revolutionary approach to personal and business empowerment with "The Mechanics of Being." This video delves into holistic practices that reshape how we manage energy, perceive narratives, and interact with the world. It emphasizes a shift from a traditional top-down to an interdependent, bottom-up framework across various sectors, including finance, broadcast and education. We discuss the power of rituals and intentions in structuring our neural networks and fostering conscious creation. By challenging old paradigms of isolation, we advocate for a trust-based, decentralized community model that merges wealth and well-being, promoting a society where freedom and prosperity coexist. Join us for an engaging experience with four learning modules and live sessions for personalized guidance. This video is for anyone eager to foster a vibrant, interconnected future. 

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The WeShip

Learn to read the signs & guideposts on your life’s journey

The Real Wealth Transfer

Redefining “wealth” from money & possessions, to intrinsic value & love.

The Big Pivot

In constant change, knowing how to pivot effortlessly is a must-have.