Surviving The Holidays

Surviving The Holidays

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Holidays can be difficult times for many people. We are bombarded by messages telling us what we should be feeling and how our holidays should go. When we don’t experience those feelings anymore, it makes holidays really difficult to get through. We can feel trapped between what we should do, the expectations others have of us and deep feelings of really not wanting to do that anymore. We might not even know why we feel that way.


When we are navigating big change, transformation and especially a conscious awakening, many people feel disconnected from family, friends and community at the same time as our emotional sensitivity increases significantly.


We get it because we’ve all lived that experience. Join us on this special edition of the Hero’s Journey as we share our lived experiences, talk about why holidays can be so difficult and leave you with practical ideas for ways that you can take charge of your experience, begin to make some changes and create new rituals in your life. Rituals that are based on who you authentically are, why you are here and the kind of life you are here to live.


The hero’s journey is the journey of uncovering our authentic life and finding ways to live that every day. Leaning into the confusion and pain that can come with holidays as a way to learn more about yourself, is a powerful way to find and live your hero’s journey.