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Chapter 2: Your Internal Compass

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You’ve answered the call and have decided to step into the power of living your life on purpose, as the hero of your own life’s story. You are committed! von Goethe said that at the moment of commitment, the entire universe conspires to assist us. Commitment accelerates our pace and amplifies our experiences. Basically, we have sent out a message that we are ready to grow. And that means, everything we need to move forward gets activated. The real challenge in this is that “everything we need”, often doesn’t look and feel the way we expect it to. That includes the opportunities and the challenges. In this chapter you will get:

  • Inspiration from modern hero’s journey stories that you can hang on to and get direction from as you move forward.
  • Your next travel essential, an internal compass that enables you to navigate your path with more confidence and less stress during the highs and especially those incredibly challenging lows.
  • A process to help reflect on your past experiences and your current reality. This learning helps you make sense of the past, identify baggage you’re carrying that you no longer need and then find ways to release what is no longer serving you. It also enables you to navigate your current reality with more clarity and gratitude, regardless of the details of the situation.